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And here we go, a one two three, change and one two three chang... This is how you initiate your dance moves. Generally speaking, music is associated with dance with which one moves the feet or body in a rhythmic pattern. Facts tell us that dance is not just restricted to the choreographed body movements or method of informal non verbal communication between humans, but is also common amongst other living species for e.g. famous bee dance or the mating dance. Every emotional state tends to express itself in movement. Dance nourishes your spirit and soul and provides you with satisfaction. The phrase music to my ears is a reality indeed as it gives such a soothing effect and transports you into the world where music takes on the dance moves.

Dance Tickets

Gymnastics, figure skating, synchronized swimming, all are sports but can also be viewed as a form of dance. The movements required for the dance means that one should have a lot of flexibility, physics and a sense of rhythm. The more proper physic rules applied in the dancing the less is the chance of injuries for a dancer. There are also various careers associated with dance, one being the choreographer, another dance therapists or it might also be the dance sport coach.

With changing times, dance has taken on several different forms and styles. Today we have ballet, tap dance, hip hop dance, jazz, folk dance, Western country dance, salsa, Latin dance and many more. Ballet, Waltz, Ballroom, Tango come in the category of classical dance styles. Some of these dance forms have now become very popular and are extensively used in theatrical productions in the USA.

Even though the afore mentioned classical dance styles have different places of origins, they have been changed and promoted extensively within the U.S.A. Swinging and dancing around the room with your partner has all the more a romantic touch to it .The sense of belonging it creates a passionate ecstasy altogether. As the name suggests, Ballroom dance is specifically done in the large rooms. The social and competitive ballroom dance is enjoyed globally and this includes the entertainment aspect as well. Waltz is a classical dance style which gives similar vibe as of ballroom. Tango has famous American and International styles, however, Argentina and Uruguay are said to be the only authentic dance styles, the rest is developed with the social change. Ballet dancing is also famous throughout the world. It is a dance style that incorporates basic techniques for other dancing styles. Collectively this variety of dance styles relates to a silent yet effective and beautiful communication with one another via body language.

No matter what is the sound of music and no matter what form of dance is used, people of all ages and cultures enjoy dancing. Those with two left feet need not worry. They can also be part of this exhilarating experience by getting dance tickets to the show of their choice. Get into the groove and have a blast with your family and friends.