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Andrea Bocelli is an Italian blind pop and classical singer having released 22 albums that include seven full operas out of which five have reached the Billboard 200 Chart Top 10. Some seven of these albums have also made it to No. 1 on the US Classical albums charts. Andrea Bocelli has sold above 70 million albums worldwide, being widely acclaimed as the most popular Italian singer in the world. He was voted the Nation's third favorite male singer by Classic FM (UK) listeners and Radio Times readers which was a distinction not conferred upon any other non-British artists or even opera legends.

Andrea Bocelli was not actually born blind though he had eyesight problems from the start. The diagnosis of doctors revealed that he was suffering from glaucoma. When he was just 12, he met with an accident while playing a football match which resulted in complete blindness. He showed great fondness for music as a young boy. Music became the only thing which comforted him. This inspired him to start taking piano lessons while he was just six years of age afterwards proceeding with harp, guitar, flute, saxophone, trumpet and trombone. He also showed keen interest in singing being asked by others to sing in family gatherings. He says now that it was others that made him into a singer.

Andrea Bocelli won his first song competition when he was just 14 years old. After finishing secondary school he joined University of Pisa to study law finally graduating as a Doctor of Laws leading to court practice. Yet, in the evenings he would revive his music pursuit in piano bars. There he fell in love with a girl Enrica who became his wife later on. Lady luck blossomed further when Andrea Bocelli was requested to make a demo tape of his song 'Miserere' from his album to be sent to a music expert which paved way for his stardom. He entered a Festival competition in February 1994 with his song "Il mare calmo della sera" managing to win a section with a distinction. Eventually he launched his debut album naming it after the song which made its entry in the Italian Top Ten and within weeks it went platinum.

In October 2003, his continuous hard work yielded him "Favorite Specialist Performer" award at the UK National Music Awards. With added confidence he proceeded on a tour to USA along with some other artistes. He performed his first concert in China the same year at a wedding. Andrea Bocelli liked doing different things instead of sticking to the same routine. He appeared as a guest coach on the reality show "American Idol" in April 2006. With further hard work, he became the recipient of the Italian TV award Telegatto.

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