Awakenings Tickets

Get ready for one of the finest plays of the season. Spring Awakening is a play of its own kind and the story and concept of the play is surely going to take you over. Don’t miss this opportunity, be there at the show and enjoy the power of theatrical excellence. Dramatized in a German background, the play is surely going to take you back into history and you will feel all kinds of mysteries and emotions in it as the story will evolve gradually. Also, known as the children’s tragedy, the theme of the play is worth pondering about as it will leave a mark on your thoughts for sure.

The German dramatist Frank Wedekind was the brainchild behind the play. He wrote it between 1890 and 1891 and based it upon its criticism for the sexually oppressive German culture during the 19th century. It clearly and beautifully dramatizes the erotic fantasies that erupt in children’s minds when they are in their puberty. Although controversial, the play has a story to muse over. The way the minds of children are impacted from within and as a consequence of their surrounding is beautifully depicted  in this drama. The characters are sketched very aptly and the whole sequence of events make you enjoy the play so much.
The play revolves around three main characters Welda, Melchior and Moritz who are young teenagers confused about their being, purpose and meaning of life. It is based on three acts. In the first act, they are curious about the sexual changes that occur during puberty and so react in a different manner and question about things differently. At the same time these teenagers have different goals about their life towards academics and what they want to do in the future. In the second act, the story builds up with the main climax taking place. The last act is based on how the society and the people around them react to the events that have taken place.
The play definitely has a tragic connotation to it and at the same time it conveys a meaning to the audience. You will see how the different characters evolve and develop during the play and tell the importance of their problems to the audience.  Whenever the play has been staged, it has captured the audience attention and made everybody love the play to the fullest. The characters are perfectly manifested and the script is also brilliant. At each and every point, you would understand the sexual concepts in children’s minds and how they are abused sexually as well. All these factors will make you think and it surely becomes a must watch for the parents of teenagers to see.
The theatrical piece was first staged in 1917 in English in New York City. It was also staged at the Provincetown Playhouse. Broadway productions also produced a musical adaptation of the play where it bagged eight Tony Awards which is simply a big recognition for any play. In 2008, it was also adopted as a television play known as The Awakening of Spring which added even more to its popularity. The popularity lies in the cynicism and tragedy that the play depict and since so many years it has seen unparallel success whenever it has been in theatres and otherwise. A theatrical wonder should not be missed whenever one finds an opportunity.
Spring Awakening is an awakening on real issues. Termed as history’s most controversial theatrical productions, it has a bold message and it is the controversy that you should go for and then decide how the concept and the tragedy should have been represented. It is an awakening on questioning minds of teenagers and probably will give them a lesson to. This is the time to plan a great day with your friends and watch something really entertaining yet meaningful. Tickets are readily available, all what you have to do is decide and buy.  So simply don’t miss this grand opportunity and grab your very own Spring Awakening tickets that will make you fall in love with the play and you will leave the theatre with some great memories.