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Bassnectar is upping the party scene in your city with free-form music flowing in your ears.
Bassnectar a.k.a Lorin Ashton is keenly busy to challenge his boundaries in music. He is open to all forms of music and arts. He has combined music with art and new media to create groovy and funky beats. His music doesn’t ignore ethos, community values or social involvement unlike the currently prevailing trend of the music world. His involvement with the non-profit group Conscious Alliance is a significant part and parcel of his celeb presence.

Bassnectar started as a remix artist and DJ in the late 90s.

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His music can be put in the categories of Breakbeat, Dubstep, Glitch, Electronica, dubtronica and IDM. His live shows are freewheeling with a large number of musicians, rappers and DJs cracking up the stage.  His style is majorly inspired from the Californian dessert’s Multimedia Burning Man Festival. His music incorporates underground dubs and wobble bass with electronic music. Bassnectar plays with different musical arrangements and techniques like shifting the pitch up a notch or dropping in half way. His is a big fan of layered compositions with rappers and singers sharing vocals on various pitches and tempos. He also likes incorporating synthesized arpeggios and range of tempos to make a wicked piece of music. His self described "omni-tempo maximalism" is one his favorite tricks.

Bassnectar knows no boundaries, keeps on challenging himself to rejuvenate and renovate. He explains his extreme experimentation as putting together every kind of music he has ever heard. In early days of his career, his music was hard to define for its limitlessness and unpredictability. It was a question mark till he came up with his own definition "A free-form project that merges music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values; dedicated to a constantly evolving ethos of collaborative creation, self reinvention, and boundary-pushing experimentation."

The artist made his debut with the album Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks in 2001. The album came into the market with nine songs and their titles were just the count, which seemingly looked like a mistake. His second album was released a year later titled as Beatfreak Bohemia. He also came up with his popular single "Float" at the same time.  His albums were released by Amorphous Music. For the next three years he released three albums Breakbeat and Downtempo namely Motions of Mutation, Diverse Systems of Throb and Mesmerizing The Ultra. He added in a little bit of electronica in his songs. His last two albums have been "Underground Communication" and "Cozza Frenzy".

Bassnectar has also released a couple of extended plays in his career. His first EP "Heads Up" was released in 2008 and since then he has three albums with two of them released in 2010. His EPs released in 2010 are "Timestretch" and "Wildstyle".  He is planning to release another EP, though he hasn’t decided on the name yet. He is most popular for his live performances which are more of a visual and an auditory experience. He indulges most of the senses by mixing sound with force and weight. His live performances are more like an adventure going on the stage. There is no limitation; in one instance you will be listening to something familiar and in the next it will take a bizarre turn, he will start off with a classic tune and it will end up as a cutting edge beat.

He is also associated with the Bass Center Festival. He headlined the festival last year and is ready to relive the same craze and excitement this year as well. The festival has an attendance of more than eight thousand people. A number of other bands will also be participating in this festival. You can experience the musical madness this season with your Bassnectar Tickets. Order them now!

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