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Creedence Clearwater Revival is a legendary rock band that was popular back in the 60s and the 70s. This epic band played sensational music back in the day and is currently regarded as one of the forerunners of modern day rock. Creedence Clearwater Revival released a good number of albums as well as many hit singles of the 60s era. This best of rock in the 60s band had a lineup that included John Fogerty the lead vocalist as well as the lead guitarist and main songwriter, Tom Fogerty the rhythm guitarist, Stu Cook the bassist, and Doug Clifford the drummer.

Despite more than forty years having passed, Creedence Clearwater Revival's music is still as popular as it was back then.

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Their music regularly plays on radio not only in the US but also outside of the US, all over the world. But the part is that this legendary band is being revived for some final shows and even a possible album soon and is you are a fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival's music, you definitely must pocket those Creedence Clearwater Revival tickets and go watch this legendary band play some its final, reunion shows.

Back in the 60s, this band's music focused on the swamp rock and the country rock genres despite having originated from San Francisco Bay Area, where more modern rock was popular. Instead, the band adopted more Southern rock styles and their songs were also about Southern topics such as catfish, bayous, the Mississippi River and other such Southern topics. This band is also a part of popular media and appears regularly in movies, TV shows, series and other media. In terms of sales, this 60s band has sold a massive twenty six million copies in the US only with many more outside of the US.

This sensational band was also inducted into the fabled Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, marking it amongst the very best in the world of rock and roll, a recognition only legends achieve. This band is thus right next to greats like the Beatles, Led Zepellin and Pearl Jam. This spectacular band was formed back when the members met in high school. All of the members were born in 1945 and by 1964, they had already signed onto a record label, Fantasy Records under the name The Blue Velvets. The band then played under the name The Golliwogs but when ownership of the record label changed hands, they decided on their present name, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The band released its debut album in 1968, a self titled album. It became quite popular with the pop culture and the media with radio stations like AM Radio playing singles from the album heavily. One such single, Suzie Q, became a favorite with many comparing it to R&B music. The band's breakthrough album, Bayou Country, was released in 1969 and soon became a number seven platinum hit all over the US, the first of many albums that would continue to be huge successes and chart toppers. This album also contained the number one Billboard hit single, Proud Mary.

The third Creedence Clearwater Revival album, Green River, was released the same year, in 1969, and soon went gold. It contained the hit single, Green River, which ranked second on the Billboard charts and contained hit singles like Commotion and Lodi. 1969 saw three Creedence Clearwater Revival albums; the third album released was Willy and the Poor Boys with the hit singles Down on the Corner and Fortunate Son, both of which ranked high of the Billboard charts. In 1970, the band released the double album, Travelin' Band/Who'll Stop the Rain with the single, Travelin Band, reaching second on the Billboard Charts followed by the album Cosmo's Factory which contained the number two single, Lookin' Out My Back Door as well as four more singles, all ranking second and surpassed at that time by only Madonna and Elvis Presley. All in all, this spectacular Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band behind numerous hit albums, numerous hit singles is now back for one more show, one more tour. For fans of this legendary band or for any fan of good rock, grabbing Creedence Clearwater Revival tickets is of the highest priority.