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A tribute to the rock band called Grateful Dead, Dark Star Orchestra was established in Chicago in 1997. This US based band is also very popular as DSO. The band has been covering music genres like progressive rock and rock since the time of its inception. Playing performances from the fathers of improvisational rock, Grateful Dead’s 2,500 shows, Dark Star Orchestra is a hit today. With the successful career of thirty years Grateful Dead has given a lot work for the band to cover. There are also many performances by this band which are adapted from the Grateful Dead’s performance following the same set of original music, which is taken song by song also the order of songs is same. They also adapt Grateful Dead’s voice arrangements, phrasing and use of musical equipments.
Comprising of band members Jeff Mattson,  Kevin Rosen, Rob Eaton, Rob Koritz, Dino English, Lisa Mackey, and Rob Barraco, Dark Star Orchestra is literally one of the most successful bands of this era. With the idea of playing music of Grateful Dead from history, John Kadlecik contacted Scott Larned who is a keyboardist. Scott Larned also has the same concept and they both then set off to bring about something new to show the world. They met with the reference of a common friend Andrew "Tiny" Dofner. After their formation in 1997, the band has performed more than 1900 shows all over the world. It is not just the music and songs of Grateful Dead which Dark Star Orchestra has adapted but they have also focused on their style as well. John Kadlecik made use of amp rigs along with some other equipments to give the actual tone of Garcia's guitar. Moreover, Lisa Mackey who is a vocalist gave Donna Godchaux's female harmonies to give a feel close to the real one by Grateful Dead.
With Dino English, the band presented the rhythmic drums sounds of Bill Kreutzmann, with Rob Koritz on the other set of drums to give the feeling of Mickey Hart. All performers of the Dark Star Orchestra truly understand the idea behind this band; this is the reason why all of them are so committed to give the actual image of Grateful Dead. With Kevin Rosen giving the style of bass by playing it in a way which is close to the style of Phil Lesh. Rob Eaton presents the rhythm guitar and vocals for the band. Jon Fishman of Phish and Mike Gordon joined the Dark Star Orchestra on the eve of their 1st anniversary in November 1998. Together all of these talented band members created great buzz in the music world as well as among the music lovers. With the hard work and determination, they made their mark in the music nationally and internationally as well. The x-factor about this band was their unique style of adapting Grateful Dead which was so attractive that people was drawn towards them naturally. Famously called by Washington Post as the "the hottest Grateful Dead tribute act going" their Colorado tour was a complete sold out tour. ‘Channeling the Dead’, Dark Star Orchestra revived the sentiments of fans for the Grateful Dead. Doing tours all over the place, Dark Star Orchestra became famous every where and also developed a very strong and loyal fan following.
Doing more than 200 shows every year, Dark Star Orchestra has made a record rate of rapid growth. They have also given several performances with many famous artists like, Bob Weir who is alumni of Grateful Dead, along with Bill Kreutzmann, Vince Welnick, Tom Constanten and Donna Jean Godchaux-Mackay. John Kadlecik left the Dark Star Orchestra in 2009 to join the band with original members of Grateful Dead, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, their new band was called Furthur. His place in the band was given to Jeff Mattson who is now a permanent guitarist. With their capability to make the audience enjoy their time on the show, Dark Star Orchestra is awesome to watch live. So don’t wait any more, get your Dark Star Orchestra tickets and enjoy your night big time!

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