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  Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade Tickets
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Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade Tickets

Celebrating popular culture is a matter of great pride. Whether it is in festivals, national day celebrations or concerts, people partake in celebrations with fierce pride & unbridled passion. And for Latin Americans living within the United States, the love of song & dance runs naturally in their blood. They need a reason to come out on the streets & genuinely let their hair down in a poignant symbol of unity & satisfaction in their unique identity. San Antonio’s Hispanic population is immense, with over 60% of the population Latino. The Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade is just one of the famous features of spring’s Fiesta San Antonio which has made the city world famous. Fans have been known to flock to the city with their Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade tickets to indulge in the fun & frolic that takes place from the moment the sun goes down on the second Saturday of the Festival San Antonio. It is a delightful feast for the senses!

San Antonio is America’s seventh & Texas’s second largest city. Home to theme parks (like SeaWorld & the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Park) & the Alamo Bowl, there is always an air of celebration & activity in the city. San Antonio’s annual Fiesta started in 1891 when women used to decorate their carriages, buggies & bicycles with flowers which they would shower on each other at the Alamo. The Battle of Flowers remains the oldest of the hundred or so events & falls on the second Friday of the Fiesta. However, there was felt a need to add a parade for the evening when civil engineer Reynolds Andricks was elected to the Board of the Fiesta San Jacinto Association in 1948. He was inspired by night parades at Mardi Gras but lacked a complete idea of how to organize one amid the community’s floundering interest. That help was provided by William Petmecky, a postmaster & active county fair participant in the German community of Fredericksburg near San Antonio who had began Fredericksburg’s famous Easter Fires Pageant. The “Festival Impresario” agreed with Andricks on the principle, & suggested the use of torch brigades using flare-carriers to light up a thousand points on the San Antonio sky.

Faced with the problem of sponsors, Andricks targeted the city’s huge but quiet military presence. A visit to the Commander General Form Sam Houston was followed by the convincing of each Air Force base commander. Andricks proposed that each base select a beauty Queen who would lead the base on the night. The idea was wholeheartedly approved & after the first Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade, bases competed vigorously. To expand common interest, Andricks invited civil groups, & soon the fez-topped shriners, commercial giants, & various clubs had their own floats. Andricks further expanded to bring in volunteers from outside fairs, offering he would send one of their own to bolster their fairs in return. Soon the Queen of the Flambeau was participating in the Florida Festival of States, Washington’s Cherry Blossom Festival & the Minneapolis Aquatennial, who were illuminating the now-famous Fiesta Flambeau in return. Andricks guidance remained for three decades, before he delegated its handling to volunteer groups. After this led to a legal lockdown in 1989, the event went under the Fiesta Flambeau Parade Association, which has become well-recognized for outstanding management.

Ana Rodriguez has been announced as the 2011 Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade’s Grand Marshal. Rodriguez is the current Miss Texas USA. The festival is well-known for its mind-boggling sight with hundreds of illuminated carriages, cars, horses & dancers in the San Antonio night. It takes place at the 2.6 mile trek of 300 Commerce Street, & the 60,000 participants make it an event to savor.

Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade tickets are in high demand as the epic event’s fame crosses boundaries. 1.5 million people have watched its televised commercial-free broadcast last year on KLRN, the event’s official telecaster (itself a big achievement), spreading the word. This year’s theme is “Holiday Magic” & fans are sure to put up quite a show.

Festivals such as the Fiesta Flambeau offer the perfect family retreat for a dose of fun & limitless entertainment. The dance tempo is never going to die down. And the event’s scintillating sights & sounds never cease to amaze, causing fans to hurry for their Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade tickets.


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