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Selling millions of albums worldwide, Foreigner the band has been entertaining the rock loving fans since 1976. The versatile music style of the band is what makes it so popular, not to mention the amazing band members Mick Jones, Ian McDonald and Lou Gramm which started the band.

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Currently, the band comprises of Kelly Hansen as the lead vocalist, who joined the band in 2005; Mick Jones on lead guitars, vocals, bass and keyboard; Thom Gimbel on backing vocals, flute, saxophone and guitars; Michael Bluestein also on backing vocals, synthesizers and keyboard; Jeff Pilson on backing vocals and bass and Jason Sutter on backing vocals, drums and percussions and who joined the band in 2010. Foreigner tickets have been a popular commodity since the band made its breakthrough and are still sought after by the fans of the rock music in general and by the fans of the band in particular.
Mick Jones was the former member of the bands, The Leslie West Band, Spooky Tooth and Nero and the Gladiators. He thought of forming a band after he met Ian McDonald who was the ex-member of the band King Crimson. Lou Gramm, Ed Gagliardi, Al Greenwood and Dennis Elliot also joined and the band Foreigner was born. The name of the band was chosen to be "Foreigner" because of half the members of the band being Americans and half being English.
The band was popular right with the release of their first album which was titled Foreigner and was released in the March of 1977. The album had the hit singles, "Long Long Way from Home", "Cold as Ice" and "Feels like the First Time". The album sold millions of copies and topped the music charts. Even more fame came with the release of the second album which was titled Double Vision, released one year later. The album spawned the hit singles, "Blue Morning Blue Days", "Double Vision" and "Hot Blooded" and sold even more copies of the album than the previous one. The third album of the band came out in 1979 named, Head Games and was also successful because of the hit singles, "Head Games" and "Dirty White Boy".
The band went through breaking up of the band members and new members joining after their third album but all was settled with the super hit fourth studio album 4. The album contained the hit singles, "Break It Up", "Juke Box Hero", "Waiting for a Girl like You" and "Urgent". The first number one hit of the band came with the single, "I Want to Know What Love Is" from the album, Agent Provocateur.
The 1987 album of the band, Inside Information, contained hit singles like "I Don’t Want to Live without You" and "Say You Will". The performance of the band at the concert of Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary with Stills and Nash, Phil Collins and Roberta Flack was a memorable event. The leaving and joining of the members happened again after this and the album which followed was the first unsuccessful album of the band.
After Lou Gramm joined the band again, The Very Best of….and Beyond was released. It was the second most famous album of the band and contained three new singles apart from other songs. A new album was released three years later but was even more unsuccessful than the album, Unusual Heat. The most recent album of the band came out in 2009 and was titled, Cant Slow Down. Again, the album was successful, not only in US but also in other countries like Switzerland, Germany and UK.  
The band has been touring since the start of their career and has always gotten much praise. Their live tours are what fans die for and Foreigner tickets are what fans seek for. Foreigner has toured at the Night of the Proms music festival in Netherlands, at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre and so many other music festivals and events along with touring all the big countries of the world. With Mick Jones as the only original remaining member of the band, it started touring extensively, rocking their fans. For anyone wanting to enjoy the live versions of the hit songs of the band like "That Was Yesterday",  "Juke Box Hero", "Dirty White Boy", "Long Long Way From Home" and "Break It Up", they can do so by buying only a couple of Foreigner tickets.