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Googoosh, whose real name is actually Faegheh Atashin, was born in Tehran in 1950. She is popular for the mark she has left on Iranian music. In fact, during the 70’s era, her immense popularity in Iran can be compared to legendary music icons such as Elvis or the Beatles. Apart from her contribution to the music industry, she also acted in a number of movies during the 60’s and 70’s. Her influence goes beyond Iran and into the regions of Asia and the Middle East, sealing her reputation as a great singer.

She lost her mother at a young age and was raised by her father, a comedian by profession.

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Q:Will I be charged for any increase in googoosh tickets prices after I have booked them?

A:No, you will not be charged for any price increase for Googoosh Tickets if that happens after you have ordered them.