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I was introduced to Jeff Dunham on a day when the entire world was falling apart for me while covering Human Rights conference in Nepal. "Achmed the dead terrorist" made me smile on the irony of world's political and social situation.

Jeff Dunham is an American born stand up comedian, who has been entertaining thousands of spectators through his ventriloquism skills. He has appeared in numerous television shows including Sonny with a chance, Star search, Jeff Dunham; Arguing with myself, Spark of insanity and many more.

Dunham's breakthrough act was his debut appearance on "The tonight show with Johnny Carson" in 1990.
Later he did remarkable appearances in "Ellen" as a ventriloquist who was attending a business convention in the same hotel where Ellens friend was getting married at the same time. Jeff remembers the show in kindest of memories and has said to learn a lot professionally apart from his experiences from a Broadway show Sugar babies which took place in Long Island in 1980's. According to Jeff, these shows have taught him the importance of modifying his performances according to the region of the world. As jokes which were famous and well taken by the audience in Texas were not well received by the audience in Long Island.

One of my favourite characters by Jeff is angry old man "Walter" who said to have the moment of happiness forty seven year ago. Walter appears to be discontent with everything around even his wife makes him fell cross. He is a retired veteran of Vietnam War and feels no shame in expressing his negative and often extremely sarcastic views of the political and social scenario of the world.

Peanut is one character of Jeff which is believed not to be associated with stereotyped jokes. He and Jeff are said to come across in the sunny Florida. Peanut appears to be an open minded character that often makes fun of Jeff himself and often mocks Jalapeno on stick. One of his all time famous act is when he asks Jeff about his involvement in Drugs. On denial he casually wonders that how Jeff did came up with a character as historical as him.

Melvin the Superhero guy is another marvelous creation of Jeff Dunham. Melvin in his blue super hero costume makes fun of all famous and looked upon super heroes of Hollywood. He is known to have only one power that is "X-ray vision". Melvin is an over confident character who looks down upon all the super heroes of the industry, stating that he can fly as far as someone can throw him, considering superman merely a "show off", arguing that if superman can leap tall buildings, he can walk around them. His comment on "Hulk" having special abilities to get stronger with anger is as simply as trash as anyone in COPS.Join Jeff Dunham to enjoy his witty sense of humour in which he effectively comments on serious issues as grave as racism, stereotyping and terrorism.

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