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Jerry Seinfeld has earned lot of respect world wide for his remarkable work in the entertainment industry. He represents himself with class, respect, humility and honesty. He is funny, witty and sensitive - qualities that make him stand out in the crowd. He is a great actor who knows how to tackle sensitive issues in hand. Book your ticket now for Jerry Seinfeld and witness yourself that entire world has to say about this legendary artist.

Seinfeld is an American observational comedian and writer. He is well known for his semi-fictional role in the television series "Seinfeld" which was on air from 1989 to 1998.After the Seinfeld show he came back in the entertainment scene with the Bee movie which he wrote, coproduced and took part in performance as a Barry B. Banson. Bee Movie was nominated at the 80th academy Awards for the category of best animated Short". Apart from his numerous efforts to bring the smile and laughter in people's life he actively supports the charity working aginst lung cancer. In spring of 2008 he stopped in new York for a day to do a performance at the Wamu theatre in Madison Squar garden to support SUFAC at Memorial Sloan ketting cancer Centre.

In "I am telling you for the last time", he is been appraised for his energetic performance and incredible delivery of the subject matter. Jerry Seinfeld has the unique ability to come up with captivating and hilarious material that keeps his audiences laugh again and again.

He has made some hit appearences on the silver screen. His film Bee Movie has been nominated for the producers Guild of America Award for Motion Picture producer of the Year award-Animated. His appearences in "A Uniform used to mean something", "comedian","Pros & Cons" and "The ratings game" has been widely appreciated. His television extravaganzas in eighties the role "Frankie" in the show Benson won round of applause nationally. Where his character "Jerry seinfeld" in all famous Seinfeld series won the American Comedy Award for Funniest Performer in TV Series along with the Emmy Award for outstanding comedy series in 1993. In 1995, 1997 and 1998 the series won Golden Globe Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series and was nominated for Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

After seinfeld he appeared in Dilbert, NewsRadio, curb your enthusiasm and 30 rock to rock the world watching his shows. He co-wrote various episodes and plays with Lary David winning applause for his satrical and witty writing. Some of his many writing endevours are; The seinfeld chronicles, Male Unbonding, The Stock Tip, The ex-girl friend, the emmy award nominated series "Pony Remarks", The Busboy, The Jacket and The Phone Message. He has also done some remarkable writing projects with Max Pross of which the much appraised one is "The Raincoats" and "The Opposite" with Andy Cowan.

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