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Famous for his unique style in country rock, Jimmy Buffett is an acknowledged singer, songwriter and businessman. Most of his work is basd upon the escapism, objectification of women, wild parties and drunkun sex, which offcourse attracts lot of criticism and acknowlegemnt at the same time. Most critiques interpret buffet's songs and writings as promotion of superficial beliefs in society and considering his fan club "parrotheads" as the abnoxiously rich people escaping from the reality wearing furs and beach wears to rock 'n' roll parties while ignoring the much deeper side of his style which intrigues the audience to think about the reality from a very different angle.

Many of his critiques ignore the fact that Buffet is not only talking about the pyhsicall symbol of feminism. In his song "I want a smart women in short skirt", he clearly describes women as a thinking being rather than a sex symbol.He deals with the issues as a pragmatist feminist which do not try to portray women as men.He explains that in his song "Fin" when he says "fins to the right, fins to the left, and you are the only bait in town" he is objectifying the men rather then the women.

Jimmy Buffett's widely famous hits "Margaritaville" and "Cheeseburger in paradise", after whome he also runs a chain of restuarants, are included in the "songs of the century list". If you wish to catch a glimpse of island escapism life style then book your tickets now for "Jimmy Buffett tickets", we guarentee you that it is worth the prise to spend a weekend with Jimmy Buffetts devoted parrotthead fans.

Margaritaville is from his breakthrough album which cam eout in 1977's "Changes in Latitudes, changs in attitudes". "A white sport coat and a pink crustocan" and havana daydreaming" are two of his early hits.Buffet moved to Key west in 1970's and this where he got inspired by the layed back back attitude and adopted the happy go lucky beach bum persona which attracted thousands of devoted Parrott head following. Buffet does his music with the compasionate combinition of country, folk and pop music on the coastal and tropical lyrical themes. Most of his poetry and characters in his books are the result of his regular visits to Caribbean islands.

Apart from his work in music industry, Jimmy Buffett has made his name by coming up with best selling books and restaurant chains which are named after Margaritaville and Cheese Burger in Paradise. "Tales from margaritaville", "Where is joe merchant", "A pirate look at fifty" are few of his best selling books which were on the New York Times best selling list fo more than sevenmonths.He has also co-written few children books of which "The jolly Mon" is a must read for kids. "Swine not?" is his latest publication which is worth investing time in. Book Jimmy Buffett tickets now to enjoy becoming a Parrott head fan!

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