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Lisa Lampanelli is a name of famous American stand up comedian. She has also been nominated for Grammy Awards. She is also commonly called as the Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean. She is described as being an extremely ironical and rugged kind of comedian. She often refers to such subjects, as considered to be a kind of social taboos like racism, homosexuality and other kind of subjects.

Lampanelli was born on July 19, 1961, in the town of Trumbull, Connecticut, in an Italian American family. She had studied Journalism from Syracuse University, and later got a graduate degree from Harvard.

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She had started to work as a copy editor at Popular Mechanics and afterwards as an assistant to Rolling Stone. She had also been working as a chief of research for Spy magazine.

Lampanelli had started to work as a stand-up comedian in New York in the start of the era of 1990s. Her major commercial breakthrough came in the year of 2002, for New York Friars' Club roast. She had participated in the roasts of Pamela Anderson, Jeff Foxworthy, Lisa Lampanelli and others. Lampanelli had released a special comedy DVD, with the title Take it like a Man, in the year of 2005. She had also appeared in the film named Lisa Lampanelli: Health Inspector, in the year of 2006. She had also made a guest appearance in the popular sitcom called So NoTORIous.

The audiences love to watch Lisa live in stage shows, people always ask for a discount on Lisa Lampanelli tickets. Lisa had always followed a bright career; she had worked in a popular sitcom with a title Big Loud Lisa. Lampanelli had always worked on Dirty Girl in the fall of 2006. The Dirty Girl CD and DVD were also released by Warner Bros, in the year of 2007. Lampanelli had also acted in films like Delta Farce, which had also starred Lisa Lampanelli, Bill Engvall and D.J. Qualls, and it was released at the start of 2007. The second film's name is Drillbit Taylor.

Lampanelli had released a memoir, titled Chocolate, Please: My Adventures in Food, Fat, and Freaks, in the year of 2009. She has claimed in it that she had always been in search of attention, right from her childhood. She had started to amuse people with her wit and humor, during her high school days. It is also criticized for having a language, quite raw and raunchy, but it also gives the reader an insight into the honest soul of Lisa Lampanelli.

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