Luis Miguel Tickets

Luis Miguel Tickets

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri also known as "El Sol", "Luismi" and "El Rey" amongst the fans and friends was born on April 19, 1970 in San Juan in Puerto Rico. Since birth he had his roots in music as he has some inspirational days spend with his father; Luisito Rey a late Spanish singer and an ardent fan of Elvis Presley as he always advised his son to watch the 'King' closely as he can through his concert performances and acting. In his early career Luis Miguel has his father as his manager but due to some unwise decisions Luis chose Juan Carlos Calderon for the job who gave a boost to his career.

Luis Miguel was though a Puerto Rican but his talent was mastered and polished in the musically gifted origin of Mexico where he worked on this vocals and piano playing to create the music that forced many people to become his fan. His music is rich and versatile as it can be classified in the genres of Latin Pop, Pop Music, Bolero and Mariachi. Since his career started that is in the year 1981 till present Luis Miguel has worked as a singer, song writer and the record producer in this ever expanding music industry.

Since the age of 11, Luis Miguel has been active in his pursuit of sharing his best vocal talent with his listeners as he released his first album 'Un Sol' in 1981 when he was only eleven years old. After the release of his first album he started touring around and later participated in 'Sanremo Music Festival' and won the second position. He also appeared in movies like 'Ya Nunca Mas' and 'Fiebre de Amor'. In 1988 his second album 'Busca Una Mujer' was released with the hit single 'La Incondicional' that on screen revived his looks from a child-star to an adult superstar.

In 1990 his new album '20 Anos' sold 600,000 copies in its first week of its release and was followed with the sold out shows from Mexico to Latin America and around the globe. In the very next year of 1991 Luis Miguel had a break through release of an album of romantic boleros; 'Romance' which sold 15 million copies across the globe. 1993 was the year of his fifth studio album 'Aries' that won the Grammy Award for the Best Latin Pop Album. In 1994 his sequel album to 'Romance' was released with the title 'Segundo Romance' which again won a Grammy Award and also reached the Platinum status in United States. It was followed by the third album of bolero series in 1997 and again won World Music Award.

1999 was the year of his ninth studio album 'Amarte Es Un Placer' earning him two Latin Grammys. In 2001 his fourth album of bolero series was released; 'Mis Romances' and was followed by the tour through out United States, Europe and Latin America. With progress of time and talent in 2003 he released his first pop album '33' signifying his age. This album was followed by many sold out shows across the globe. In 2004 his album of traditional Mexican mariachi songs was released with the title 'Mexico En La Piel'. A year later he released his greatest hit collection album 'Grandes Exitos' followed by the Christmas album 'Navidades'. In 2008 his album 'Complices' was released which sold almost 350,000 copies in its first 24 hours of release.

Luis Miguel is one of the finest artists of the time who has won a place at Hollywood Walk of Fame through his record breaking album and single releases. Through out his career his albums have won 3 Diamond Discs, 304 Platinum Discs and 34 Gold Discs certifications.

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