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The three act opera, making waves in the entire operatic repertoire with its beautiful score and heart-touching tale is none other than Madame Butterfly. Ever since 1904, many adaptations of this very famous opera have been made till date, including a silent film, a non-singing drama, a Broadway and West End musical is also based on it (Miss Saigon), and a UK hit single is also prevalent in the market, written and performed by the British Pop impresario Malcolm McLaren. Nevertheless, the list of various versions of the opera continues to broader horizons. In fact, whichever version it has been, the Madame Butterfly Tickets have always been in great demand by the spectators from all around the world.

Madame Butterfly, often spelled Madame Butterfly is a three-act opera, which originally was in two acts. It had been composed by the very famous composer Giacomo Puccini, comprising an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. The opera that has inspired so many is itself based somewhat on the short story by John Luther Long, entitled Madame Butterfly, published in 1898, and dramatized by David Belasco, and also draws inspiration from Pierre Loti's novel Madame Chrysantheme, published in 1887. However, it has also been said to be based on the current events and of Nagasaki during the early 1890s.

The premiere of Madame Butterfly at La Scala in Milan, in 1904, featured notable singers as soprano Rosina Storchio, baritone Giuseppe De Luca, and tenor Giovanni Zenatello in the lead roles. However, the two act opera was not well received by the audiences. Therefore, Puccini modified the opera, and split the second act into two acts, while making other changes as well. The new version opened on May 28, 1904, in Brescia and was a huge success. Puccini rewrote the opera again in 1906 with slight moderations and it performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. His fourth version also came, having a few alterations in the orchestral and vocal scores, and premiering in Paris, in 1907. At last, Puccini decided to make some final changes in the opera in the fifth version, which was the last revision of Madame Butterfly. It became to be known as the 'standard version' and is heavily performed in various parts of the world till date.

Madame Butterfly is a tragic and an intimate story that is very well depicted in the form of an opera. The setting of the opera is in the City of Nagasaki, and follows a straight plotline, devoid of any subplots. Today, Madame Butterfly is placed among the most recurrently performed operas in the standard repertoire, and is extremely popular in the U.S. and is ranked in Opera America as the #1 in the list of the 20 most-performed operas in North America.

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