Mario Barth Hamburg HH Tickets

Barths Hamburg will unquestionably turn out to be one of the most enthralling events this year. Since this German comedian has been entertaining the masses for the longest time, his fans cannot wait to see what lies in the next show. To consider him as one of the most accomplished comedians would be an understatement. He is not only a multi-award winner but also happens to be a record holder. In 2008 he showcased his talent before seventy thousand people in Berlin at the Olympic Stadium, hence setting the record for having the largest audience during live comedy performance.

He shot to fame through his live programs such as: Men are pigs, but Women Too; Men are Primitive but Happy; Men are Embarrassed, Women Sometimes; and Men are to Blame, say the Women. He has been all over the world putting outstanding shows and is now headed to your city. Who knows Barths Hamburg might be the next event to witness another record. So get Barths Hamburg tickets before the time runs out. Mario Barth's subject of comedy tackles with interactions between men and women. He has several comedy albums under his belt. Men are pigs, but Women are Too (2003); Langenscheidt German-woman/woman-German (2004); Men are Primitive but Happy (2006); Men are Embarrassed, Women Sometimes (2009); and Langenscheidt woman-German/German-Advanced Woman which came out in 2010. The first album features performances like German Car, Vacations-Airport, Women and Cold Feet, Truck Drivers, And Women Tackling, Men Problems, Tolerance, First Date, Holiday-The Case Band etc. The second album sheds light on Barth's take on women. Arguing, Foreword, Everyday, After Shopping, Women Shopping, Two Daily, Favorite Words, Jealousy, The Complaint Sets Women are some of his works. Thus, every album brings something new and innovative perception for men and women while always succeeding in catching attention, consequently, making him a critically and commercially acclaimed comedian. Buy Barths Hamburg tickets to gain a deeper insight into his views. Like his previous albums, his third compilation also spawned equal public frenzy. Star Wars, The Dress, On to Second Bathroom, Truth or Dare, The Clock, The Handbag, Parking, Titanic, If Two Women Snore, Joint Apartment, Manner Tool, Factory Outlet, and Men are Primitive are a few subjects from the album. Moreover, the fourth album was another smash hit as it conquered several charts. It landed on the thirtieth spot on both, Austria Albums Top 75 and Swiss Albums Top 100 while maintaining its position for two weeks. It Goes On, Second Educational Trip, Captain Announcements, The stewardess, Not My Department, Black Attracts Dust, The Privacy of Correspondence, The Policewoman, and Bruce Willis are some of the tracks from Men are Embarrassed, Women sometimes. The heightened popularity and success of his albums are a proof of Mario Barth being a creative genius. Barths Hamburg can help you witness more of Mario's works so brace yourselves for another event filled with humor to the brim. His fifth and last album is no different as performances such as SMS has Unfortunately No Stress, Risk “Bouquet”, The Jealousy Continues, Factory Outlet, Outtakes, Women and Parking, The dress, Happy relationships, The family home, The bathroom Cabinet, and The Remote Control became an instant hit among comedy lovers. His profile concludes that Barths Hamburg is likely to draw a large turnout as his fans wait desperately for another series of his ingenious compositions. His accomplishment knows no bounds as the list of accolades is endless. Right after his emergence in 2001, the critics took no time noticing his masterpieces. Men are pigs, but Women Too set him on a winning spree as he was honored with a Schwelmer Cabaret Award in 2002 for it. It also received the RTL Comedy Cup the next year while fetching the Audience Award at the Great Cabaret Festival in 2004. Adding to his recognition was the ten time Platinum certification his DVD (Men are pigs, but women too) received after selling two million videos. He has also won countless German Comedy Awards throughout his career. So missing an event as big as Barths Hamburg will be regretted, as the gifted comedian never fails to leave his audiences spellbound.