Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2012 2 Day Pass Tickets

Gaither Fest is one of the most sought after Christian and gospel concert festivals around the globe. The musical extravaganza is organized under the famous Gaither Homecoming franchise, a creation of renowned and cherished gospel musician William ‘Bill’ J. Gaither. The two-day festival features some of the most prominent and world-renowned contemporary Christian musicians and gospel artists. Over the years, various mediums have been used under the Gaither Homecoming umbrella to promote gospel and Christian music.

Since its inception in early nineties, Gaither Homecoming has managed to produce over sixty music videos, several music recordings and successful annual concert tours all over the world. The 2004 concert tour saw an attendance of over half a million, surpassing the ticket sales of some of the most popular artists like Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John. The Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2012 2 Day Pass event will feature another set of electrifying live performances by outstanding gospel performers. The Myrtle Beach is a major tourist resort that attracts over fourteen million visitors each summer. It will provide the perfect setting for the two-day music festival and will allow the attendees to enjoy the continuous stretch of beautiful beach known as Grand Strand. By grabbing Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2012 2 Day Pass tickets, the audience and fans can hop on a fun filled musical journey for an enthralling experience.
Born in 1936, Bill Gaither has fascinated and enthralled millions around the world with his hit gospel music and enchanting performances. The singer-songwriter has won numerous praises for his immense contribution to Christian music. Gaither, along with his wife Gloria, managed to revive the Christian and gospel music scene in the nineties giving rise to a renewed interest in the musical genre. He produced chart-breaking music and sponsored several music videos that allured masses from around the world. Gaither’s work inspired numerous young Christian musicians and it also managed to revive the careers of veteran southern gospel artists before him. Gaither made a breakthrough in the Christian music industry with his hit song “He Touched Me” in 1964. Since then the artist has produced over six hundred songs. He has also performed with various groups including the highly famous “Bill Gaither Trio” as well as “Gaither Vocal Band” that continue to produce chart-breaking albums around the world. Gaither has received numerous awards and accolades over the years including six Grammy Awards for “Best Inspirational Performance” (1973) (1975), “Best Southern Gospel Album” (1991), and “Best Southern, Country or Blue Grass Gospel Album” (1999) (2001) (2008). He has received over twenty eight GMA Dove Awards including “Song of the Year” (1974), “Mixed Group of the Year” (1980), “Southern Gospel Album” (1987) (1991) (1992) (1993) (1994) (2010) (2011) and “Southern Gospel Song” (2011) amongst several others. The Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2012 2 Day Pass tickets will allow audience to witness Bill Gaither along with country’s top gospel and Christian artists deliver a breathtaking musical performance.
Gaither Homecoming has become a pillar of gospel and contemporary Christian music around the world. The series has mesmerized millions of fans throughout the globe, bringing them world-class music through various mediums including videos, music festivals, live shows and DVDs. The Homecoming tours have become a pilgrimage destination for millions of gospel fans who thoroughly enjoy the vibrant live acts at the events. The Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2012 2 Day Pass event will feature renowned artists including Charlotte Ritchie, Lynda Randle, The Nelsons, Gene McDonald, The Martins, The Isaacs, Buddy Greene, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Collingsworth Family and Gaither Vocal Band that will feature Mark Lowry, Michael English, Davis Phelps, Wes Hampton and the master himself Bill Gaither.
The Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2012 2 Day Pass will allow the attendees to indulge in an inspirational musical journey. The amazing artist line-up will offer riveting live performances that will sway the audiences for a spiritual ride. The Gaither Fest is renowned for its magical aura that offers a holy experience for the audiences, nourishing and inspiring millions of souls. By obtaining Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2012 2 Day Pass tickets, the audience can make sure not miss the opportunity to witness the exhilarating atmosphere along with spectacular performances for an unforgettable musical ride.

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