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From a varsity band to major rock icons, Phish is a band that has come a long way! Even though the boys of the band have grown into men and are no longer in their tweens but still they can bring such manic energy to stage that one just cannot help but go wild with them! Known for their amazing jams and fantastic performances, the band has got a huge fan base all over the US as it offers a fantastic combination of superb energy with amazing live music to which you can certainly dance to all night long! The live shows of Phish offer a fantastic opportunity for party lovers to dance the night away have a fantabulous time listening to some great live music. So no wonder how and why the fans just rush to grab the tickets to their concerts as soon as they go on sale.

The massive popularity that the band enjoys amongst its fans also comes with a lot of responsibility. The fans of the band are notoriously demanding and just cannot seem to have enough of their amazing talent when it comes to live performances. To keep the fans happy and also out of habit, Phish is on a tour almost at any given time of the year. The untiring touring schedule would make any regular bands head spin but not in the case of Phish who have religiously followed a fairly tough schedule for over twenty five years now. This has helped them develop stamina for such intensive touring but has also given their fans a reason to have more and more expectations from the band. Phish, unlike some other hand bands the give their hundred and ten percent in all of their concerts and that is exactly what has helped them be this popular for so many years.

Trey Anastasio and Jeff Holdsworth were the two guitarists who formed the band. They met at The University of Vermont where they both were studying. Passion for music was something they had in common so they clicked instantly. Together with Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman, they made a band and started performing on gigs. It was the bands second gig which gave it its name as well and thus Phish was born. During the early years of the band, Marc Daubert also became a part of the band but he did not stay with the boys for long and left almost a year later leaving Anastasio, Holdsworth, Fishman and Gordon behind! These four were the ones who made the final lineup of the band and they used to go around performing on various gigs on and off campus.

Jeff Holdsworth left the band in 1986 to pursue further studies and was replaced by Page McConnell. It was also the year when Phish released its first studio album. Even though the studio album was quite an impressive hit amongst the fans of the band but it failed to impress the general audience. A year later, Phish self released its second album by the title of The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday. This album grabbed some attention in the mainstream media. There third album, however, was a major success. Junta was Phish's third album which went platinum in the US. It was followed by their fourth album of the same name which was just as successful as their third album. The success of these albums got them unprecedented fame and popularity all across the US, not just for the live shows on college campuses. As per the fans though, the studio recordings of the band just do not paint an accurate picture of the kind of talent possessed by the band. That maybe true but you won’t know it until you actually catch the band live in action yourself. Grab your Phish tickets now and have some fun!

Phish is an American rock/ jazz fusion band which came into the picture in the year 1983. The band was formed at the University of Vermont. It started off with the live performances in the university and in other universities. This is how they got fame and were welcomed because of their excellent performances. The band consists of four band members including Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Jon Fishman and Page McConnell. The band is basically very popular due to the incredible intermingling of many different genres of music. The unique combination of different genres ends up in the amazing outcome which has made Phish unique and successful. Mainly, the music by the band is a blend of elements from a variety of genres. These include rock, jazz, folk, funk, progressive rock, classical, country, psychedelic rock, hard rock, blues, Latin, ambient and wave. The overall music looks mostly like progressive rock. More than 650 individual compositions of these blends have been produced by the band. After performing for 20 years, the band broke up in 2004. But the huge devoted fan base forced it to re-unite and finally the band united in 2009. The concerts are all in the original form, means the way and order they perform remains the same. It has sold more than eight million albums so far.

Phish released its debut album in 1986, which was self titled. Then it released an album almost every year until 2004. It again came into picture in 2009 after a gap of 5 years and released an album named as which peaked at # 13 chart position. Most of the albums were certified as either gold or platinum and almost all were among the top chart positions. A total of 15 studio albums have been released by the band, 10 video albums and 27 Live Phish Series. Phish is the only jam band of its kind. Phish’s popularity is not only because of its work or the albums, but more because of the fan base and the live concerts. There are many fan organizations named as Phans, Phriends, Phamily, Phishheads and many others which their names starting with ‘ph’ instead of ‘f’. The band ensures that none of their shows are same as the other shows, so it provides something different every time to its fans. The fan community follows the performances throughout in different cities. The fans get the concert tickets at the official website of phish before the general public could get them. Besides the four band members, there is another person who is equally responsible for the success and without whom the live performance is not complete. He is Chris Kuroda, the lighting designer of the band since 1989. The visuals created by the different colored lighting along with the beats of music make the performance special and unique. Phish is one of the very successful band which is mainly popular for the live performance. There is a lot of difference in listening to the Phish music by speakers or headphones and listening to it directly with your ears. This is mainly because its music is an electric blend of various types of genres, so one can only feel the actual beats by listening to it live. Moreover, the amazing effects of lights which are right according to the music, is also a special feature which attracts the fans. So, the live performances with the light effects blow your mind and take you deep into the music. Listening to such music is simply amazing. You will definitely love it and go crazy. You must visit a live performance by Phish if you get a chance. So, get your Phish Tickets today and feel the magic that is created by the performers on stage!

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A:Phish tickets include additional charges like service and delivery fees.

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