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  Rain The Beatles Experience Tickets
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Rain The Beatles Experience Tickets

Beatles have created a history in music and there is none that wish not to be part of the Beatle era. Though time takes all good things away and all we are left with are some relishing thoughts and the collections of the past. But now for the Beatles fans the history has turned its way back into the present. So relive the moment with the magic of Beatles, and all you have to do is to buy the Rain the Beatle Experience Tickets and you will find yourself in the past again.

Rain – A Tribute to the Beatles “The next best thing to seeing The Beatles!” as called by the Denver Post was formed by a couple of musicians who were in love with the Beatles music under the leadership of Mark Lewis. It all started in 70’s while a band initially named as “Reign” later to become RAIN started their performances of Beatles songs in the club circuit of California. The band with their continuous performance of original Beatles songs created a hiss amongst the local Los Angeles Beatles fans. The band was later recruited by Dick Clark in his 1979 made for television film “Birth of the Beatles” who wished that the audiences can get the real flare of Beatles through his film. Later in 1982 the band became part of the Broadway production “Beatlemania” to know and be the Beatles with full current of Beatle magic. At that time the band was comprised of Joey Curatolo aka Paul, Ralph Castelli aka Starr, Mark Lewis, Joe Bithorn aka Harrison and Randy Clarke aka Lennon. 

The amazing fact about the RAIN, the Beatle Tribute Band is that they gave more live performances that the original band Beatles. They practiced each note and tune of Beatles songs with perfection to make the audiences fall in the trance of Beatle music and preserve their magic. The unfortunate events departed the Beatles from their fans but the RAIN has been fulfilling the gap created in the music industry when the music lovers could not reach anymore to their favorite band the Beatles. 

Currently the band is comprised of Steve Landes who works on vocals, rhythm guitar, piano and harmonica. Steve was a fan of Beatles since when he was ten years old and learned to play guitar by listening to Beatle records. He acts as John Lennon while being part of RAIN- the Beatle Tribute Band. Joey Curatolo who is Paul McCartney works on vocals, bass, piano and guitar. He won many contests of McCarty sound-alike contests and was immediately recruited in the band; he was part of the “Beatlemania” production also. Joe Bithorn is the George Harrison of the band he joined the RAIN in 1983 and have been the part of the band ever since. His inspiration to become a musician was obviously none other than the Beatles. Ralph Castelli is the Ringo Starr of the band who works on drums, percussion and vocals; he joined the RAIN in 1986. He had a passion for drums since the age of six and his passion lead him where he is today. His same looks as Starr also led him to the “Beatlemania” movie. Mark Lewis is the mind behind the creation and the success of RAIN- a Beatle Tribute Band. His passion and his talent led the band to the height it is enjoying today; his continuous efforts won the stature that the band dreamt to have.

There are three factors that have made RAIN a success amongst the listeners; one is the music of Beatles itself, second is the height of perfection it is played with and third is the time period the band has spent together. In fact the time that the RAIN members have spent in redoing the Beatles music is longer than the time Beatles could perform together. They have learned every detail of Beatles music; from the handclap to the string arrangement, from the vocals to the other sounds that the Beatles fans know too well, like a textbook. That is one of the basic reasons the band has earned the appreciation of Beatles fans.

If you are one of the Beatles fan and the nostalgia of their music is too strong to overcome you can get hold of the magic of Beatles with just a click. Get your Rain the Beatles Experience Tickets now as the list of Beatles fan is long and everyone wishes to relive the Beatle moment. And don’t forget that the long list of the Rain the Beatles Experience Tickets desirers includes not only the Beatles fans also but the Rain fans also.

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