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"Scorpions" is one of the most influencing hard rock bands that came into existence back in 1965. Their hits like Wind of Change, Rock You Like a Hurricane, No One Like You and Send Me an Angel, have brought them worldwide recognition. The band has sold more than 150 million units worldwide, making them one of the best-selling Hard Rock bands.
The band came into existence back in 1964, and after the lineup of the band was finalized, they released their debut studio album titled Lonesome Crow. Soon after that, the band embarked on a concert tour to support their debut album.

After certain changes in the band’s lineup, the band finally stepped on to their road to success in 1974, when the newly formed lineup of the band released a follow up studio album titled Fly to the Rainbow. As compared to this previous release, Fly to the Rainbow was massively successful in terms of sales and critical reception. After the release of the album, certain changes in the lineup of the band were met yet again. In collaboration with the German producer Dieter Dierks, Scorpions released yet another album titled "In Trance". In Trance would mark the Scorpions’ long lasting affiliation with Dierks. The album presented a much more mature side of Scorpions sound, and established their repute as mainstream hard rock band.
Later on in 1977, the band released its fourth studio album titled "Virgin Killer". Although the album faced some controversies regarding its cover art but still it managed to do pretty well on the charts and in the market. With some more changes to the bands lineup, Scorpions came up with their next studio album titled "Taken by Force". Prior to the release, heavy promotional campaign was carried out by the record label, to have a better launching pad for the upcoming album. Following the release, the band went on Japan’s tour after which another one of the band members left the band and he was replaced by Mathias Jabs.
Initially the band was signed with the RCA records, but in 1979 the band decided to go with Mercury Records this time. After signing a record deal with Mercury, the band headed over to the studios to record their follow up album titled Lovedrive. After the album hit the markets, it was shortly said to be the best album by the band at that time. Spawning hits like Holiday, Coast to Coast, Loving You Sunday Morning and Always Somewhere, the band’s reputation as a Hard Rock band was firmly rooted in the mainstream music industry. Lovedrive also helped the band in getting international attention as it managed to peak at #55 spot on US Albums Charts. The band added up to its popularity with the release of their 1980 album "Animal Magnetism", which featured hits like Make it Real and The Zoo.  The following year, the band started working on their next album "Blackout" which would then become Scorpions’ best selling album to date after being released in 1982.
With the increase in their fame, the band started performing in front of capacity crowds in various venues. They once performed in front of 375,000 fans, as they played live in US Festival on Day 2. Spawning band’s hit single "Rock You Like a Hurricane", Scorpions’ "Love at First Sting" firmly established the band’s image as a true hard rock band. After Love at First Sting, the band has released a total of nine studio albums, the most recent of which is Sting in the Tail.
Sting in the Tail
is not only Scorpions’ most recent studio release but also their last one. The band has announced that this would be their last studio album and that the band would retire afterwards. But before they say their final goodbye, the band would be going on a one last concert tour in support of their album. The tour is expected to kick off this year and will last till 2012 or 2013. So if you’re a fan of their music, grab your Scorpions tickets today, as this may be your last chance to see them perform live. 

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