Shpongle Tickets

Shpongle is psybient or ambient psychedelic trance duo from UK that has been making people dance since 1996. The lineup of the group comprises of Raja Ram and Simon Posford. These two contribute to the main lineup of the group; however additions of other artists are also made as required. Shpongle’s music is the perfect blend between the Western pop culture and the Eastern soulful instrumentation. Raja Ram is proficient in playing the Flute, which is why he mainly contributes with the flute arrangements, Posford on the other hand handle all the studio and synth work.

Q:How do I get the order on shpongle tickets canceled?

A:You cannot get the order on Shpongle Tickets canceled because it is against the company's policy.

Q:Can I buy a single shpongle ticket?

A:Yes, you can buy even a single Shpongle Tickets from us.

Q:Can i buy shpongle tickets by giving out the my credit card details over email?

A:Sorry, because of data security issues, we do not accept credit card details for the purchase of Shpongle tickets over the email. You may however fill out the relevant information at our website after the purchase ticket option.