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Styx was one of the biggest stadium-packing progressive, arena rock bands of the seventies. With a maniacal cult following, concept albums, and even a concept video/short film for an album; the band boasted of offerings new to rock fans nationwide. The band’s epic songs and Rock Opera sensationalism stirred huge waves publically. The elastic falsetto singing of Dennis DeYoung and charisma of Tommy Shaw, gave Styx an odd hit-or-miss chemistry.

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  This often meant that overwhelming amounts of music listeners either completely loved and identified with their work or didn't understand it at all!
The band originated in the late sixties band Tradewind. It was renamed to TW4 in the seventies before finally settling on the name Styx.  The name was a reference to a mean of transportation to the underworld. Their early music was influenced by pioneers of progressive rock-roll like the Moody Blues which  is clear from their debut album in 1973, titled Styx II. They followed it up with The Serpent Is Rising and Man of Miracle; over the next couple of years these helped them grow a dedicated local following. Their first big hit came with the song Lady, which climbed to number six on the singles chart. This resulted in Styx II going gold.  The 1975 album, Equinox came out and at the same time Tommy Shaw joined the band and their music to the next level. Now most of their releases through the decade would at least platinum.  Albums such as Crystal Ball, The Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight and Cornerstone contained some of the great hits like Fooling Yourself, Come Sail Away, Blue Collar Man and Babe.
Styx started the eighties on a creative note and  the manifest of that was the concept album, Paradise Theater (1981). The effort was a thinly veiled commentary on national and international politics of the time. It sold over three million copies and ended up being the biggest hit of Styx’s career. Soon the band became recognized as one of the top rock bands in North America. Thanks to hits like The Best of Times and Too Much Time on My Hands the metal fans started flocking venues where Styx performed. Styx found more success by sticking to the bold concept album formula in the 1983's album Kilroy Was Here. This change in direction however fueled friction amongst band members and the band split soon afterwards. The majority of the band members pursued solo projects throughout the remainder of the decade.
Styx was resurrected in 1990 with a new guitarist Glen Burtnik in place of Tommy Shaw and release a new album, Edge of the Century. The album featured the famous hit track Show Me the Way. The reunion was unfortunately short lived as the band members soon returned to their other passions. There was however a much anticipated  and ultimately sold out reunion tour in 1996. This lead to their collaboration continuing, leading to the release of a live concept video in 1997 titled Return to Paradise.  The album presented the modern rock fans the vitality and depth of the original Styx sound. Album  Brave New Worl’ followed in 1990 before friction caused  the band to move towards another split. In the spring of 2003, a new album Cyclorama’was released featuring the line up; Shaw, Young, Burtnik, Sucherman, and Gowan. The album was significant as it had collaboration work by other artists like Brian Wilson, Billy Bob Thornton and John Waite.
Styx is greatly supported by its fan pool who actually demands an induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The band’s domination of the charts and packing concert venues for over two decades clearly makes them a candidate for the honor. Fans often point to the fact that Styx is the only Rock & Roll act to score four platinum albums consecutively. Despite such wide public acclaim, Styx is one of those bands that critics have never rated highly. Nevertheless, Styx is maniacally followed and loved by fans; for all the experimentation with live art rock, theatrical and conceptual themes and the melodic and power ballads.
Styx tickets bring a live show of the band’s best and most happening music. Styx is an extraordinary show of guitar play, roaring vocals raging drums complimented by head banging crowds. Come and watch the crow taking over the ground and Styx winning every sense with its awesome rock. For all fans out there awaiting this live show, obtain Styx tickets as soon as possible.

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