Toby Keith Tickets

Toby Keith Tickets

Born on July 8th, 1961, Toby Keith Covel, popularly known as Toby Keith is an American country musician who is not just a songwriter but a brilliant singer, an actor and a record producer all at the same time. Not just that but for the last 16 years the artist has been remarkable at writing songs, playing shows and recording albums. In all Keith has releases 13 albums. As devoted as he is towards making music; his fans are equally enthusiastic in buying his music as they were when he debuted in 1993 with his debut, Toby Keith.
With his hard work and compassion of getting up everyday and making music over and over again, Toby Keith has reached to one of the highest levels in the music industry. In fact Toby's career is a living example of consistency and an unfailing excellence. Debuting his career with the Billboard number 1, the album called Toby Keith, the artist is still thriving well. Before the 1998 exit with the Mercury Records, Toby Keith released four albums namely, Toby Kieth (1993), BoomTown (1994), Blue Moon (1996), Dream Walkin (1997) plus a number of hits with the company. All of these albums earned him various certifications producing a number of singles topping the charts that also includes his debut Should've Been a Cowboy. The song also became 1990's most played song and as per the Broadcast Music Incorporated it has been given 3 million spins ever since.

After having successfully released some of the best country music in his four albums, Keith in 1998 signed up with the new production giants, the subsidiary of the DreamWork Records, Nashville DreamWorks. The same year Keith released How Do You Like Me Now?, a single that proved to be a breakthrough for the artist. It was this song that brought him immense fame and became the number one song of 2000. The song also topped many music charts in the US throughout his time with Nashville DreamWorks. Keith recorded three complete albums with Nashville including Pull My Chain, Unleash and Shock'n Y'all and each gave out one chart topper. These albums also received multi platinum certifications. What followed Shock'n Y'all was an album that sold 2 million units, topping the Billboard Hot Country Chart Songs for six consistent weeks. Honkytonk University, as unusual as its name, was full of surprises for many. It was Keith's last album before Nashville DreamWork's closure in 2005.

There are people who make the most out of what life throws at them and a prime example of this is Toby Keith. The 2005 closure of Nashville DreamWork saw Keith founding his own label by the name of Show Dog Nashville. Ever since the label came into being, the musician has recorded as many as four albums including, White Trash With Money in 2005, Big Dog Daddy in 2007, That Don't Make Me a Bad Boy in 2008 and the latest in the row, the 2009's American Ride. Over the same time span, Keith also managed to record 35 songs under the label that too some of the biggest hits of the genre. Now, many other big names of the music industry are also attached with the label. From the likes of the country musician Tracey Adkins to another maestro of country Mica Roberts, the label has a diverse range of country artists. The list also includes the names of the rock country band Flynville Train, Trailer Choir, Mica Roberts, Carter's Chord and Mac McAnally. 2005 was significant also because the same year Keith featured in his debut film Broken Bridges, a musical drama based on a fading country singer's life. Beer for My Horse 2008 was Keith's second movie in which he co-starred the famous comedian Rodney Carrington.Keith has 13 albums, several compilation albums and two Christmas albums under his belt. The artist has also secured more than 40 songs topping the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Toby Keith's success story is not an ordinary one. Whatever he comes out with is full of surprises. Getting the chance to listen to the music that is backed with such excellence and that too live is an opportunity not worth missing and you sure don't want to miss it. If you are wondering how to get your hands on Toby Keith's tickets that too for the best deal then you are at the right place. Grab your Toby Keith tickets now from TicketMy and be a part of the Toby Keith experience.

The American country star Toby Keith is performing in your city. He has been a multifaceted artist known for his exceptional qualities as a singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. He has been pretty active in the country music scene since 1993. He has been quite prolific in his work and has released around fourteen studio albums. He made through the industry with quite easily and was well-received with four gold albums right in the start of his career. He has recently released his album named Bullets in the Gun. To listen to his exclusive songs from the new album, go get your Toby Keith tickets now!

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