Kansas City Chiefs Tickets

Kansas City Chiefs Tickets

Kansas City Chiefs stand is one of the most valuable and successful football teams in the history of National Football League. Over their years of play, Chiefs have been able to win 3 American Football League Championships and 1 Super Bowl Championship. Chiefs are one of the only two American Football League teams that have been victorious over a National Football League team during an AFL-NFL World Championship Game.

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The history of the franchise goes all the way back to 1959 when a Dallas based business man, Lamar Hunt start off his struggle to form up a professional football league that'll be in direct rivalry with the sole NFL at the time. For that matter, Hunt kicked off discussions with his fellow Businessmen, also based in Dallas, but after when it went nowhere he urged to purchase and relocate Chicago Cardinals to his home town of Dallas. After getting nothing but disappointment from that, he then turned to NFL with a request of an expansion franchise for the city of Dallas, a request that was also turned down by the League. In return, Hunt formed up his own League, the American Football League and then formed his own team, Dallas Texans, which started off their play in the league in 1960. Since, at that time, the city of Dallas had two professional football teams, one was Texans of course of AFL while the other one was Dallas Cowboys of NFL, Hunt showed his interest in moving the Texans to either Miami, Florida or Atlanta Georgia. Conversely, the franchise was moved to Kansas City as the Mayor of city gave out an invitation along with a promise to increase the sales of the tickets by triple of the original count along with an expanded Municipal Stadium. Hence after the relocation in 1963, the team was then renamed to Kansas City Chiefs.

During their days in the AFL, Chiefs had one of the most successful seasons in 1969 when they went on to win their first and last AFL-NFL Super Bowl Championship, as in the following year AFL merged in with NFL. During their 1969 Regular Season Chiefs faced off against Oakland Raiders twice and lost both the times, later when the two squared off with each other in the AFL Championship Game, Chiefs won with an amazing record of 17-7. Chiefs' remarkable victory against Raiders led them to the Super Bowl IV where they went toe to toe with Minnesota Vikings of NFL, only to defeat them with an outstanding record of 23-7. After the merger of both the leagues, Chiefs were placed in the Western Division of American Football Conference and moved to Arrowhead stadium in 1972. They played their last game at the Municipal Stadium against Miami Dolphins that went on to be the longest game ever in the history of professional football.

Over the years Chiefs have produced a number of great football players in the history, and hence went to acquire great amount of fan following over the years. So if you're one of those hundreds and thousands of Chiefs fans and planning to support your team by being there live, then we might interest you in the cheap rates that we're offering for Kansas City Chiefs tickets.