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If you haven't seen a worthwhile baseball match in some time, then this is your chance to book your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Tickets. These games are so exciting; you surely do not want to miss them. This baseball team was founded in 1961 and is situated in the city of Anaheim in California. Popularly known as 'The Angels', they are supporters of the Western Division of Major League Baseball's (MLB) American League. Their home ground in Anaheim has been in use since 1966. For various reasons, their team name kept on changing from California Angels to Los Angeles Angels. However, fans like to call them by their nickname; Los Angelinos and The Halos.

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim has won the hearts of millions of baseball lovers with their power-packed performances. Their fan base keeps on rising. In 1997, the team's control was handed over to The Walt Disney Company. This was the best period for the team; they were doing well on the field, earning great revenues and getting their stadium renovated. Around $30 million were donated by The City of Anaheim. Hence, the team was named after that. 2002 was a successful year when they won the World Championship. "Los Angeles" was added to the previous name by owner Arturo Moreno who thought that it would add more appeal and value to the team's name.

Watching the game at the Stadium of Anaheim is a once in a lifetime experience. Their traditions are so unique and interesting. Fans go there to enjoy the game and to enjoy the ambience. Where else can you hear foot-tapping songs like "Light Up the Halo", "Build Me Up Buttercup", "Calling All Angels." You also experience amazing fireworks at the game, leaving all the spectators mesmerized. There is a unit in the field called the 'California Spectacular'. This is made up of fake rocks which resemble mountains in a desert, with an addition of a beautiful waterfall which runs through it. Amidst this atmosphere, all the games are a worthwhile experience.

Go get your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Tickets now before it's too late. The matches where they play their rivals are super exciting. Rivals include Boston Red Sox, Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees. And guess who will greet you at the stadium; The Angels Mascot, the Rally Monkey! This white capuchin ape is a hot favorite with everyone. He gained popularity especially during the World Series in 2002. The crowds cheer uncontrollably when the monkey dances on the song "Jump Around". Be there to watch his distinct mannerism. Book your tickets now!

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are extremely popular with not only residents of Los Angeles but also across America. In 2010, they had an average of 40,000 fans in each game, drawing more than 3 million spectators in eight years and around 2 million in 27 seasons. When so many fans watch the match, why can't you? You will defiantly yearn for more. Get your tickets now before the best seats are taken. In addition to all this, ESPN Magazine has chosen The Angels as the best franchise in specialized sports as far as 'fan value' was concerned. Later next year in 2011, in a related poll, they ranked number four in 'fan enjoyment'.

The Angels have had some outstanding players in their team. Who can forget memorable performances by Bobby Grich, Dick Williams, Jimmie Reese and Rod Carew? Player Vladimir Guerrero received the 'Most Valuable Player Award' in 2004. For those of you who will be watching the game this season, watch out for Kevin Jepsen and Jordan Walden. You might be lucky to catch a quick glimpse of them. After winning the American League West in 2009, they are all set to hit victory this season. So watch out for The Angels because they will put in their best this season. Former Champions of the World Series title are ready to surprise you yet again. So be prepared, buy your Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Tickets now before they are sold out.

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