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Big Apple Circus is a New York based circus. The circus was opened in 1977 by the couple Gregory Fedin and Nina Krasavina. They had the idea of opening a school where they will train the youth in circus techniques, cradling a coming generation of circus performing arts. The idea of the school was established in Manhattan. Later, the couple got into collaboration with Michael and Paul and laid down the idea of developing the Big Apple Circus.

The European styled circus with "one ring" tradition was finally founded in 1977. The very first performance was arranged in a green tent decorated with hearts and many performances.

Big Apple Circus Cities

Large crowd which included families and circus lovers attended the circus that summer. Big Apple Circus initial performers included Michael and Paul as the clown and juggler, Ethel Jennier in dog-act, Paul Lubin in single trapeze and Mia and Jessie in double trapeze. The circus was arranged at Battery Park, New York. The circus was moved to Manhattan in 1978 and with the help of funds, two schools for circus arts were inaugurated.

80’s began with loads of media attraction for the Big Apple Circus. The circus was featured in a Hollywood film and a holiday was created to honor the circus and its staff.  The circus started performances at Lincoln Center’s "Damrosch Park" in 1981. The same year Big Apple Circus won a silver medal in a Paris competition. In 1983 circus started touring England and the same year won an Obie Award.

In 1986 a circus care unit was opened within the "The New York School for Circus Arts". In 1987, the circus celebrated its tenth anniversary and there were special programs and celebrations arranged throughout the year. The circus won a silver medal that same year in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In 1988, the Big Apple Circus arranged a huge event in collaboration with China. In 1989, the circus was feature in a movie by Woody Allen by the name "Alice".

Big Apple Circus entered 90’s with rising interest in performing and touring outside New York. The circus started touring to Columbus and Chicago. In 1993, Michael was awarded by Parents Magazine with the Parenting Achievement Award. Big Apple Circus broke attendance records in Boston in 1998 on the celebration of its 20th anniversary. In 1999 special sign interpreters were introduced in the circus for the deaf, because of which about 6000 special children were able to enjoy the show and the circus was named "Circus of the Senses". Later in 1999 Michael was inducted in David A. Walters, Miami Ambassador’s pediatric "Hall of Fame" for his contributions.

In 2000 Big Apple Circus’ "Circus of the Senses" attracted even more attendance and more than 9,000 special kids attended the show. The best known clown of the circus named Barry Lubin named "Grandma" was included in "International Clown Hall of Fame" in 2001. Christensen and Blinder were named by "New York Landmarks Conservancy" as the "Living Landmarks". November 1st was declared as "Big Apple Circus Day" by Michael Bloomberg in 2002.
Big Apple Circus’ performers Aleysha Goulevich and Pedro Carrillo were included in "Guinness Book of World Records" in 2003 for setting the records. Goulevich got the award for being able to twirl 99 "hula hoops" in one time and Carrillo skipped rope on high wire for 1,323 times. A documentary was made on the circus by ABC TV in 2004 which won an "Outstanding Entertainment in Programming Single Program" Emmy Award. The famous pop singer Britney Spears performed at the Big Apple Circus her hit songs "Circus" and "Womanizer" in 2008, and the concert was televised.

Today, Big Apple Circus is one of the biggest tourist attractions of New York City. It has been the source of inspiration for circuses such as "Cirque Du Soleil" and "Circus Flora". If you want to attend this historical circus, get your Big Apple Circus tickets from us today!

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