Blue Man Group Dallas TX Tickets

The blue faced trio is coming to Dallas TX for an exclusively live show! Yes, it's the Blue Man Group, a unique group popular for its mesmerizing live performances. The group is all over the television, internet, newspapers and the list of their shows is never ending. They have made special appearances in many TV shows such as Scrubs, Arrested Development, The Tonight Show and a lot more. This creative organization is known for its theatrical shows and concerts for the past 20 years. They have made a name for themselves all over the world now. They've toured many major countries such as Japan, Germany, UK and Canada.

Q:I am looking for the blue man group dallas show?

A:Check out our Blue Man Group Dallas Texas page for the tickets and other details.

Q:Where can I see the blue man group dallas 2012 schedule?

A:You can checkout the schedule of Blue Man Group Dallas TX by visiting the concerned page on this site.