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Founded by Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman and Chris Wink, the creative group known as Blue Man Group has quickly grown very popular amongst an audience of all ages. The group organizes a multitude of entertainment programs including concerts with music and their performance and theatrical shows with a touch of comedy and their type of humor. Their recordings also gets fair share on broadcast media such as television and film. They have performed in several shows including Las Vegas Scrubs, The Tonight Show, FETCH! The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Arrested Development. Their main performance is called Blue Men who have blue skin and no ears or hair.

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The performance of the group basically revolves around a trio of nameless performers known by their stage name of Blue Men. They almost always wear black clothing and are blue skinned which is not really skin. Rather it is blue grease paint. They have no ears or hair, or are covered with latex bald caps and then by paint. Their performance is a mix of slapstick and other idiosyncrasies which often include instruments. The criteria for a Blue Man is that it can be of any gender with an athletic built and some other personality traits.

The Blue Man Group was discovered by Meryl Vladimer who is the Artistic Director of the CLUB. She saw their performance at a variety show which was being hosted by Alien Comic's Tom Murrin. Blue Man Group was doing an elaborated full length performance in this particular show in collaboration with Tom Murrin, the end result, a piece called 'Tubes' blew Vladimir away and she persuaded New York Times critic for theaters Stephen Holden and got it reviewed. This was the beginning of fame for the group and in the coming years, their popularity went on to snowball.

In the beginning, Blue Men used to communicate with audience members, speak to them and answer their questions. They would even give autographs and talk about their future shows. With time, they have changed their strategy and the cast is no longer allowed to communicate with audience members and are only allowed to make a smudge of blue paint as their autograph. They also act dumbfounded when shown some innovative new technology such as a mobile phone or even a set of keys, they simply keep on staring at it in wonder without doing anything else.

Several Blue Men performance acts are currently produced theatrically including Tubes/Rewired presented at Astor Place Theatre in New York, at Charles Playhouse, Briar Street Theatre, Bluephoria/Live in Las Vegas at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and at Sharp Aquos Theatre in Orlando. Several other international tours and national productions are also underway including their performance in Germany, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherland and Switzerland. They incorporate various themes in their performance like rooftop, science and technology, innocence etc. If you have not seen their performance yet then this is your big chance to grab them in action. So get your Blue Man Group tickets now for your share of serious humor.

An organization that reflects an innovative thinking in all its doings, known as the Blue Man Group is coming up with a set of amazing performances. Its founders are three genius men, Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman. These three have been entertaining their audience with a huge variety of crazy shows ever since. They have quite a different style of performing their acts. They mostly include multimedia, music and comedy. The Blue Man Group has always come up with something unique and totally innovative. Hopefully this one's also going to be a big one. Grab your Blue Man Group Tickets now!

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