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We have to embrace life with lively spirits. Life keeps on surprising us with its twists and turns. Sometimes when we least expect it we find a smile at a corner but other times only tears fall in our share. The only desirable step is to keep reviving ourselves with fun activities while sharing those moments with our loved ones. When evening arrives, instead of sprawling on the couch in front of your TV set, try to gain entry in a theatre where a good movie is playing. Or how about a musical for a change that offers a gripping story along with a dynamic team of actors and actresses which grace the exquisite sets? Give a chance to Chicago the musical which has been set in prohibition era Chicago!

It's a Kander and Ebb musical with music score lent by John Kander. The theme has been taken from a book by Bob and Ebb Fosse with lyrics by Fred Ebb. The story centers on corruption in criminal justice application with satirical emphasis. Chicago the musical draws its inspiration from a 1926 play with the same name. It was then produced by a reporter with actual cases she reported on crimes and criminals. The musical was first shown in June 1975 eventually running for a total of 936 performances. The original show was an instant hit and became the talk of the town. Choreographer Bob Fosse lent his expertise to the musical and the musical strongly reflects his style.

When Chicago the musical was revived in 1996 on Broadway, it ran for a record time beating all musicals of the past. It has been shown for more than 5,400 times as of January 12, 2010. After its Broadway revival, Chicago the musical has been presented on London's West End as well apart from numerous other tours and other productions globally. The musical's popularity compelled the film producers to make it into a film released in 2002. The film with Rob Marshall in the director's seat also managed to score high and earned an Academy Award. It comprised of a brilliant cast of Richard Gere and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Chicago the musical has its theme from a play by reporter Maurine Dallas of the Chicago Tribune who covered the 1924 court proceedings of two murderesses. A girl of 23 years was accused of killing a man who tried to molest her. She was not found guilty and subsequently released. Then there was another case involving a singer who had accusingly murdered a man who was however finally acquitted on June 1924.

Maurine reported these two cases in the paper which were a sensational hit with the readers, making her want to write a play on them. The play was successfully and shown in Broadway in 1926 with more than 170 shows. Cecil B. DeMille produced a silent film version Chicago (1927) with Phyllis Haver as Roxie Hart and later on, a remake of the movie Roxie Hart (1942) was also released. Came the 1960s, and Bob Fossee along with his wife Gwen Verdon and producer Richard Fryer bought the rights of the play converting it into Chicago the musical. A fantastic time awaits you with this show, so run towards Chicago the musical Tickets!

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