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If there is one single show which can truthfully be credited with bringing a considerably younger generation of audiences to Broadway then it is definitely Jonathan Larson's masterpiece called Rent. Based on Giacomo Puccini's opera La boheme which tells the tale of a group of young, over worked and under paid, malnutrition artists who struggle to survive one of the brutal most living environments in New York City, the Lower East Side and their lives are haunted by AIDS. Have himself lived in the harsh neighborhood, Larson was intrigued by the idea of portraying the lives of these artists in a never seen before light and to present another perspective about the misunderstood artists.

Rent Cities

Rent Venues

  • Rent Casa Manana
  • Rent Hippodrome Theatre At The France-Merrick PAC
  • Rent Majestic Theatre - San Antonio
  • Rent Orpheum Theatre - Minneapolis
  • Rent San Diego Civic Theatre
  • Rent Tulsa Performing Arts Center - Norman Theatre

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