The Pirates Of Penzance Tickets

A pirate with a strong sense of duty is spending sixty of years of his life at the line of duty.  He has left behind the love of his life. She is keenly waiting for his return but sixty three years is a long time. Anything can happen in this comical opera -- The Pirates of Penzance. It is a two act presentation by Arthur Sullivan and Gilbert, which has gained immense critical appreciation and commercial success at the same time. This opera has been recognized as an exceptional piece of art by various critics. 

The Pirates of Penzance made its debut at the Fifth Avenue Theatre of New York in 1879.

Q:Can I take a look at the seating before I purchase pirates of penzance tickets?

A:You can go to The Pirates Of Penzance Tickets page on our website and check the seating plan before you buy the tickets.