Circus Krone Munich Tickets

It is time to go back to your childhood which excited hands on a popcorn bag in anticipation of all the acrobats, dances, illusions, wild animals and much more. From the dark to the curtain raiser, Circus Krone Munich is an episode of fun, energetic and astounding acts that are a must watch. It is a show that cannot be associated with a stereotypical live circus watch. Sequin costumed artists in gravity defying acts, glittery props, games of the spotlights, swooping of clowns and elephants marching their feet; all these spell out Circus Krone Munich aloud.

Circus Krone Munich came into existence when Carl Krone inspired by his lifelong association with the circus decided to venture into performing Post WWI and II the Circus Krone Munich managed a viewership of millions across Europe. Circus Krone Munich started operating in 1919 with custom built circus arena erected within a year’s time. This remained the home of the Circus Krone until its very own Zirkus-Krone Strasse Circus Krone Munich building was created. It was 1962 when Carl Krone who rose from the position of a lion tamer and took over his family menagerie made it a touring circus.  With his brilliantly creative wife Krone made it to the historical Munich’s Oktoberfest. Circus Charles was the next step that paved way towards the creation of Circus Krone.
Circus Krone Munich became a live entertainment event enthralling every single one of us including the child inside. Based on West’s centuries old tradition of the big tent it has attracted audiences over decades to come and enliven themselves with unforgettable circus performances. Christel Sembach Krone, Carl Krone’s granddaughter took over the responsibility of the company after he passed away. Over the years the circus aggressively captured the spirit of entertainment and presented it the subtlety of artistry.
Circus Krone Munich became a fascination with the spirit of traditional circus intact. The audiences loved the concept and idea as it was loaded with dazzling acts making it a show to die for. Apart from ensuring flawless conduct of all its animals, work and play; it offers a wide range of events, to choose from. Everyone who wants or visits the circus can enjoy concerts, festivals, workshops and plays.
Circus Krone Munich tickets bring a chance to relive the experience of the big tent. Being Europe’s largest and the most mesmerizing circus, it is the best offering for all circus lovers. Circus Krone Munich tickets provide the best circus show in Europe. This is a statement that you can’t beat. Book your tickets now!