Prairie Meadows Tickets

Prairie Meadows is venue that brings performances by the biggest acts all year round, from the likes of Travis Tritt, REO Speedwagon, Route 66, Maurie Goode & the Country Gentlemen, B.B. King and Smokey Robinson.  The place is better known for its racino and quarter horse racetracks in Altoona, Iowa. Most of their shows are followed by racing events. The venue is owned by the well-known Polk County, while it is run by a non-profit, board of directors consisting of thirteen members.

Q:Do you have smokey robinson @prairie meadows?

A:Unfortunately, all Smokey Robinson tickets for Prairie Meadows have been sold out.

Q:I need information on the special deals that you might be offering for the discout tickets topraire meadow. Who do i contact?

A:We are not offering any special discount deals for the Prairie Meadows Tickets presently. However if you have any further questions, call our toll free number and our sales reps will be there to guide you.